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Frequently Asked Questions     



1. Is this a concrete product or natural stone?

A. It is 100% natural stone.


2. Will you ever have to repaint the lettering?

A. Yes, if stone is outside over the years the elements could fade the paint. Black acrylic paint from your local craft store will work for touchups.

3. Can I see a proof of my design before engraving?

A. Yes, a proof can be faxed to you if necessary.

4. Is there art work I can put on my rock?

A. Yes. The choices are endless, we have 1000's of designs. We will try to accommodate your artwork, depending on the detail. We will look at it and let you know your options.


5. Is there a charge for artwork?

A. Yes, there is a minimal fee to put the logo on the rock and possible design time fee pending on design you have.


6. Are gift certificates available?

A. Yes, due to price differences and individual projects, they are available in any amount.


7. Can I have a logo engraved?

A. Most logos are copyrighted, so they may or may not be accepted.


Please contact us with any other questions you may have at (636) 462-5402.

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