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Cement/Mortar Color

Buchheit Supply is your one-stop shop for all your landscaping supplies. We have the best products, largest stock of inventory, and fast delivery services. New products are arriving all the time, please call for more information.



  • Concrete Premix 80lb. Bags

  • Fireplace Mortar for Inside and Outside

  • C & L Type N

  • C & L Type S

  • Masonry Type N

  • Portland Cement 94lb. Bags

  • Quikrete Mortar Premix N

  • Quikrete Mortar Premix S

  • Lime



Mortar Color Solomon Color A Series

Samples are available at our Cottleville Location.


50 lb. Bags

  • Black DS9

  • Brown DS3

  • Chocolate DS8

  • Red DS4


4 lb. Bags

  • Brown 33A

  • Deep Tan 25A

  • Golden Brown 32A

  • Light Brown 30A

  • Light Chocolate 80A

  • Maroon 45A

  • Pink 41A

  • Super Black 97A

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